Where in the world is Faro?

SOME PEOPLE have said low cost carrier RyanAir is the world's most hated airline.   This is the airline,  after all, who threatened to charge customers for the use of airplane bathrooms. 

But it's also an airline that can take you all over Europe for approximately the cost of bus fare,  Later this spring we will fly our entire family round trip to Sicily for around 300 euros (occasionally they offer $0.01 tickets).  And if you follow the rules (and I mean carefully) they are fast, dependable, and on-time.   

And so because of that, sometimes we might just click buy on some really good ticket deals for an upcoming weekend, book 'em, and then around the time the confirmation email arrives in our inbox ask out loud, "Where is that exactly, and what are we actually going to do there?". 

Enter Faro.  By the way, that's in Portugal.    And it turns out there's stuff to do there.  

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