King Arthur and his trusty Velociraptor


As a parent of five young kids it seems like just about every day the kids get into the same old fight.  It goes something like this:

Dad: "What do you guys want to do today?"

Girl 1: "I want to go to a park where we can play among giant life sized dinosaurs."

Boy 1: "What? No! I want to see a medieval village."

Boy 2: "Boring! I want to ride a T-Rex!"

Girl 2: "A sword fight is way cooler!



Baby: "Bah booh bee ballee!"

It goes on and on like that, over and over, day after day.  I'm  sure the rest of you with kids can relate.    If I only had a nickel for every time I've heard a fellow parent wonder out loud "Why can't someone just create a park that has both life sized dinosaurs and features a  medieval fair? Why can't we just have both? Why do we always have to choose? WHY?"

Thankfully the good people at the Kaiserslautern Gartenschau finally put two and two together and created a match worthy of  a Kinder paradise.     I submit to you the kid equivalent of  peanut butter and chocolate; nay,  Sonny and Cher; nay,  Cancun and Pepto Bismol.   Behold, the medieval fair located within the dinosaur park.

A pack of kids like ours could hardly contain themselves.  And yes, we did buy the boys each their own long sword. What could possibly go wrong?

Well it's no Potato Chip Jesus, but...

WE BOUGHT each of our kids a T-shirt in Berlin as a souvenir.  Crosswalks in East Berlin have a unique image of a walking man, and we saw it so many times during the week we thought the matching T shirts (shown in the banner pic) would be a good keepsake.

Unfortunately, this evening Chase's was nearly ruined during dinner when his sister rapidly flipped the Ketchup bottle over and sprayed Ketchup all over his front shirt:

What? Can't see the Ketchup damage? Here, take a closer look:

Behold, the Miracle of the Walking Man. Unaltered, straight out of the camera.